Anord Rith

God of the Chaos Realm

“Their minds entangled like roots and she was birthed from the chaos.”

Legend tells of the gods forming many millennia ago when ancient greatworm bodies bound together, fusing to create new, superior lifeforms.

Anord Rith, the God Of Chaos, is an exception to this rule. While she was formed by the binding of these ancient greatworms, it was only their minds which bound, while their bodies remained independent. This created a manic, deranged God, whose behavior is wild and unpredictable - far from the cold calculation of the others.

She is seen as being responsible for all of the unpredictable, mysterious and absurd occurrences in the world - the unknown and the chaotic. There is no reasoning or understanding to her.

Her realm is a turbulent and unstructured tangle of the ancient age, littered with slabs ripped from the real world. It is also a graveyard to the ancient greatworms, with their giant bodies punctuating the landscape.

Any warrior wishing to take her on in battle, can be assured they’ll never fight just one of her multiple greatworm bodies. How many exactly won’t be known until she has awakened.

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