Becoming a GodSlayer

In the high-stakes, dark fantasy action game Gods Will Fall you will find your clan of eight warriors pitted against ten malicious gods and their hordes of zealous and twisted vassals. In order to survive the brutal and nightmarish realms of the gods and save humanity from their thrall you’ll need to learn more than just how to swing your weapons… 

Confront your Fears and Face your Destiny:

Members of your warrior clan may have had dark visions from certain Gods and be fearful of confronting them. Their fight against them may prove more difficult, but the rewards will be great.

Wisdom of the Damned:

Look closely for scrolls scattered around the realms of the Gods from those who ventured there before you. Therein lies hints and information on how best to combat the vassals of the malevolent Gods, and snippets of lore surrounding their hellish realm.

A Bloodthirsty Roar:

The more damage you deal in a combat will see your Bloodlust increase in greater increments. If you find yourself wounded after a sustained fight, an almighty Roar will see your health replenished.

Secrets of their Realms:

There are many secrets to be found, and opportunities to be had in the nightmarish Realms that will aid you in your quest. Unfortunately for you, there is no guaranteed outcome, luck may not be on your side, for you are in no Gods’ favour.

Avenge us:

It is inescapable, not everyone will make it out alive. Should a warrior fall in battle, a friend or sibling may be a member of your clan and will, either through rage or obligation, want to follow them in to exact revenge. Through grief of loss, their relation will find themselves stronger to undertake the task at hand.

The Island of the Gods:

The world you walk amidst the nightmare realms of the Gods will offer you nothing more to fear. It is a strange and mysterious place you’ve found yourself shipwrecked upon. There is much to explore, answers to be found and shortcuts to be taken.

Arms of the Vassals:

Weapons taken from the corpses of the damned that you’ve defeated are yours to utilise, while they last. You’ll find throwing them is useful at staggering an oncoming, heavily armoured opponent to help you gain the advantage in combat, or felling a vassal who’s just out of range.

A God is Slain, your Clan is Reunited:

If your skill and martial prowess is great enough, and you overcome even one of the spiteful Gods, any of your clan who had fallen short of the task will be returned to you, albeit affected by their ordeal. To the victors go the spoils, and weapons and skills are granted to the valiant warriors who took up the fight.

That said, should a clan member have fallen to a mortally wounding attack, they are lost forever and damned for their hubris.

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Standard Edition

The thrill of the hunt runs through the blood of the clan and it is ritual for the trophies seized to be worn proudly and displayed for all to take notice. The hides of 5 exclusive beasts; a wolf, bear, boar, fox and badger are fit to be worn by any warrior and shall act as an emblazoned warning to the gods that the hunt is indeed on. The Hunter's Head Gear is assigned at random in each new game playthrough.

Valiant Edition

The Valiant Edition Includes "The Valley of the Dormant Gods" DLC Pack


  • Three New Gods
  • New Weapon Classes
  • New Items
  • New Skills
  • Overworld Extras
  • Warriors' Garb

The Valley of the Dormant Gods content will be released episodically as three new levels within the game, post launch. Each level will include a new god, alongside the other bonus content.

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