God of the Sea realm

The God of the Seas is a reincarnation of the imprisoned God of Rivers and loosely linked to the myth of the “Kelpie”.

As she wept in her prison for millennia, her rivers of tears escaped the stone walls and formed the seas. As the tides rose she was finally born again when she took her own life. Her calming tones were no more and she carried a violent anger against men and their possessive ways.

Boadannu and her minions would lure sailors with giant, intense shining pearls to a trap. Should the sailors fall for it and take what doesn’t belong to them, she would rise from the deep to enact her vengeance. Those who survive her attack are held captive in her prisons of large cages dangling over the edge of the world built from the battered hulls of boats clam-shelled together peppered with holes that offer glimpses of a world to which they will never return.

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