God of the Pain Realm

“He does not dine on the fealty of his followers, but the suffering of those that dare to trespass”

Gortainh is the creator of Pain - a tool of survival that has now become his grim obsession. Like needles in the blood that run through us all, pain is a whisper of warning - that death is coming for us. Gortainh believes it to be a gift to all living things.

Adorned with painful hawthorns and crude mechanical clamps to induce pain when he desires, he is consumed with the beauty of his creation.

The largest and most prominent of his clamps, known as the ‘Coghail Bas’, is wrapped around his head and plays a key role in the fight ahead. Warriors embrace the pain of battle to strengthen their resolve and Gortainh does the same in dramatic fashion. Just as the battle looks like it might be heading in his opponent’s way, Gortainh displays the devastating power of his creation. Tightening the grip of his painful metal crown, Gortainh draws on the pain to enrage himself and become even stronger.

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