God of the Rivers realm

“All rivers die when there is nowhere to run to” 

Lochlannarg The Mad found himself enraptured when he fell for the soothing charms of Dura - the River god. She became his obsession. One that would end in tragedy.

He built great gardens to impress her but she would not return his advances. He forged great statues to honour her creations but still she would not yield. His love turned to lust and eventually his rage pushed him too far. Imprisoning her within her gardens he vowed to make her his own and as she lay there, imprisoned for centuries, it was the Ephemeral Promise that offered her an escape. An escape from life itself.

“Some say the thunderous clashes in the sky are Lochlannarg’s rage and the rains he brings are a crazed attempt to revive the god of rivers that he loved so dearly”

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