God of the War realm

Morrigan began her life as the God Of Wind when she was imprisoned atop a great cliff by the Iron Lord, a God Of War. There, she was forced to craft great weapons and trinkets for the him. Stand on any cliff edge in the mortal world and they say you can still hear the echoes of her howl, carrying endlessly on the winds.

Plotting her escape, she created the crows; winged creatures that could soar high amidst her winds, free from captivity. She used these same winds to strengthen and forge her own great steel wings, adorned with deathly bladed feathers.

Recognising a suspicious halt in construction of his weapons, the Iron Lord began scaling the cliff to uncover why Morrigan was failing at her duty to produce his armaments. When he reached the peak, he found her gone. Until suddenly she appeared, descending from the clouds wielding the chains that once held her captive. Wrapping him in a bondage of his own iron, she hurled him from the cliff top as she soared to freedom, reborn as the new God Of War.

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