Meet The Gods


Think you've got what it takes to bring down these diabolical deities? Here's everything you need to know about Gods Will Fall so far ...

All Gods Must Fall

“Our world is filled with the screams of anguish and we all hear them. It’s only the Gods that refuse. These are our Gods no more.”

There’s no doubt that these Gods are beings of immense power. But, since they’ve abused that power, it’s time to make a stand. No longer will humans suffer at the mercy of their fiendish ways.

Your goal is to defeat the Gods. And trust us, that’s no mean feat!

Gods Will Fall follows a clan of eight brave warriors to the edge of existence itself. Their mission is to overthrow their overlords and free their people, but of course, whether they succeed or fail is up to you.

Who Are The Gods?

The trailer introduces five foes you’ll face off against in Gods Will Fall. They are Belenos, God of Wicker; Ogmios, God of the Devourer Realm; Osseus, God of Bone; Krannus, God of Knowledge; and Morrigan, God of the War realm.

Each God towers over their enemies, and boasts colossal strength and power. They also come in many forms, from murderous crows to big, boney spiders. Every God looks as intimidating as the last and, don’t forget, there are still many more to be revealed!

What Are The Realms?

Realms are the domains of your enemies in Gods Will Fall. Each area is heavily themed around the reigning God’s power and vice, featuring everything from burning Wicker Men to barren boneyards.

To get to the Gods, first you’ll have to slay your way through vassals and monsters galore. Some have special attacks, some are armored and dangerous, but all will attempt to take you down to your final shreds of strength and sanity. Don’t give up!

You’ll need to traverse these treacherous landscapes in order to reach your targets and bring those tyrannical Gods to task. Victory will be hard won, but the glory will be all the greater.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Gods Will Fall is available to pre-order from the 5th of January 2021. Fight or perish!

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