A Legendary Challenge awaits. Fight or Perish


Gods Will Fall Out Now!

The day has finally come. It’s time to venture into a world of beauty and bloodshed, to take up the blade and master brutal combat to free all of humanity.

Your task isn’t an easy one for your clan of eight Celtic warriors, shipwrecked upon the shores of the Island of the Gods, are charged with the most monumental of quests; to battle your way through the realms of ten mighty and cruel gods, against hordes of twisted and zealous minions and finally bring low these malefic and baleful deities.

We are immensely proud to announce today, the launch of Gods Will Fall. We want to offer our sincere thanks from the entire team, to all of you in the community for all your excitement and support you’ve given us since the announce of Gods Will Fall in November.

We can’t wait to watch your quests unfold as you wrest the fate of humanity from the clutches of vile gods.

Gods Will Fall is easy to learn, but hard to master. You’ll find yourself exploring the peaceful yet foreboding overworld, unlocking secrets hidden throughout the island, contrasted against the hellish nightmare realms of the gods and the unrelenting combat therein.

The decisions you make as to who will face each god with the unique weapons they wield and the unfolding relationships between your clan members and the gods themselves, are the most important, for you are the last surviving eight from an armada of thousands. There is no one else coming.

To celebrate the launch of Gods Will fall, we’re incredibly excited to reveal our Gods Will Fall Launch Trailer:

We’re also marking the launch of Gods Will Fall with a Launch Day Stream, with special guest Mark Wherrett: Lead Designer at Clever Beans. Taking place on Friday January 29th 8PM GMT/9PM CET/12PM PT on Twitch & YouTube.

There’s plenty more to come from Gods Will Fall. Over the following weeks, we’ll be sharing a two-part Dev Diary series giving you a great insight behind the creation of the realms of the gods, design inspirations, tips and tricks on how to effectively undertake your quest to slay the ten gods. And of course, combat!

Visit @Gods_Will_Fall to hear from the dedicated and passionate team at Clever Beans how Gods Will Fall came to be, from concept to reality.

For those of you who have purchased the Gods Will Fall: Valiant Edition, “The Valley of the Dormant Gods” DLC content will be released episodically as three new levels within the game, post launch. Each level will include a new god, alongside the other bonus content.

Lastly, there is a lot more to watch for with Gods Will Fall and we’ll be revealing more exciting news over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

For now, you have an incredible quest at hand and malign deities to slay. Only your clan of eight warriors can sever the shackles of human servitude from the pantheon of cruel gods.

Become legends, or dust. Fight or Perish!

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