Updates in Gods Will Fall – March 2021


Hey everyone,

Thank you for all your continued support for Gods Will Fall, and for sharing your enjoyment and experiences with us!

We are pleased to let you know that an update for PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia is now available, which includes the following:

General updates across PlayStation, Xbox & Stadia:

  • Enhanced the hitboxes for Vassals of Boadannu for certain types of weapons.
  • Resolved a rare instance where the game would soft-lock when Roaring with a player Vassal.


  • The frequency of the loot item ‘Burial Fe’, as a reward from realms has been increased.

Xbox & Stadia:

  • Amended the effect of Grab & Throw actions while on an elevator in Morrigan’s Realm.
  • Corrected instances where narrator dialogue would overlap.
  • Resolved the chance of certain button combinations causing Gods Will Fall to boot incorrectly.
  • Amended camera angles when using Overworld shortcuts.
  • Corrected occasional reports of a player character moving in the wrong direction when on a tightrope.
  • Corrected root motions for animations of Goat Beast vassals.

We are also working on a patch for Nintendo Switch which we will update you on in the near future!

If you do experience any issues after this update, please send us any reports through: https://support.deepsilver.com/en/games/GWF or support@kochmedia.co.uk.

Thank for again for your feedback and your patience!

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