Meet Morrigan (War)


Tremble before the might of Morrigan; God of War, Wind and the glowing embers of the forge!

Once known as the God of Wind, Morrigan was imprisoned by the Iron Lord and trapped atop a giant cliff. Morrigan was then forced into servitude, crafting an endless supply of weapons and trinkets for her captor. With her howls of anguish echoing forever on the winds, mortals still claim they can hear her cries from any cliff’s edge.

It was Morrigan who created the crows - winged creatures who could soar freely through her winds, unbound and unchained. Inspired by her creations, she then used the forge to craft great steel wings of her own.

Having noticed the lack of new weapons, the Iron Lord returned to Morrigan’s peak, only to discover that his prisoner had escaped. It was then that Morrigan swept down, wielding the chains that had once held her captive, and hurled him from the cliff in a bondage of his own iron. She soared on to freedom, and her life as the new God of War.

Morrigan controls the War realm, in which you’ll find a few remnants of her past life. Your goal is to reach the rising platform that will take you skywards to face the God, but it’s a long journey, even as the crow flies. Should you find yourself in a bind during your quest, just remember that some chains are meant to be broken. Once you reach the platform, you’ll also need to fend off Morrigan’s vassals as you make your ascent.

The War realm is littered with fires and forges, some of which can be interacted with. If you’re lucky, then a forge may grant you strength by boosting the power of your weapon. But be wary, as the flames can be unpredictable, and may not always work in your favor!

Morrigan has two phases of attack, and alternates between them during battle. In the first phase, her colossal crow-like form will chase and chop at the player with her steely wings. She can also use these bladed feathers to guard herself from attacks, causing projectiles to scatter when hit by the player in this stance. Morrigan can also perform projectile attacks of her own, and will occasionally shoot waves at the player. In her second phase, Morrigan will take flight and start attacking from above. She’s a super speedy flier, so you’ll need to be fast on your feet to avoid being murdered by this deadly crow!

Gods Will Fall is available to pre-order now. Are you bold enough to battle a War God?


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