Meet Ogmios (Devourer)


All hail Ogmios; God of Devouring and Digestion!

Ogmios is the insatiable God of the Devourer realm, where his minions must toil over an endless broth of holy indulgence.

With his strong stomach and terrifying tongue, Ogmios has an incredible appetite for violence, power and destruction. Tread carefully through his domain, should you wish to avoid ending up on the menu yourself!

The Devourer realm is designed around digestion, though it’s a far cry from fine dining! Players will need to sidestep pools of boiling broth and bone, while morsels of meat fall from above.

As you make your descent into the Devourer realm, there are other hazards to take heed of. Should your character run out of health, you’ll find yourself plunged into “The Gutter”. But all is not lost, for the player may then run the gauntlet, and gain the chance to face the God, though the path out is tricky.

Eventually you’ll trudge through a lengthy, soup-filled trough as you prepare to face the fearsome foodie! Ogmios is highly aggressive and hungry for combat, swinging his monstrous tongue as a melee weapon and allowing the player only a precious few moments to react. When in close quarters, the God will start pummeling the player with his fists.

Timing is of the essence in this heated battle, and there’s nowhere to hide. Observe Ogmios’ moves closely, and you’ll spot those small but critical gaps between his attacks. Take these opportunities to land a few hits, but be careful not to stay in one spot for too long! Keep moving, and things will soon start to go belly-up for the Devourer God.

Think you’ve got the guts to take on Ogmios? Gods Will Fall is available to pre-order now!

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