Meet Krannus (Knowledge)


Cower before Krannus; God of Knowledge and keeper of the Ogham Library.

Knowledge is power, and no mere mortal could possibly understand this as well as Krannus. His realm is a shrine to the written word, as Vassals toil endlessly in his mines, carving their God’s infinite wisdom into the rock.

Krannus has become so obsessed with information that he has little time for anything else, having barely moved a muscle for the past millennia. Because of this, the God has been gradually turning to stone and is now partially petrified in a pillar of runes.

The Knowledge realm is an ancient archive, hung with tattered scrolls and emblazoned with mysterious symbols. But try not to get too distracted by the view, as you’ll need to cross narrow walkways and bridges in order to travel between the towering pillars. Be wary and watch your step at every turn, as it’s a very long way down!

Of course, Krannus was wise enough to keep his fortress well-guarded, with many Vassals and vicious Goat Guards threatening to put an end to your quest. The path ahead may be perilous, but that goes for your enemies as well, and a well-aimed blow could send them plummeting to their doom.

You’ll hear Krannus chanting as you cross the bridge to his arena. Brace yourself for the battle that lies ahead!

Krannus knows better than to tackle the player head-on, so you’ll first have to contend with a pair of heavily-armed Goat Guards. These will be much harder to defeat than those encountered previously, and will attack the player in tandem. While Krannus is the brains of the operation, his Goat Guards are very much the brawn.

Should you survive against these fearsome henchmen, you’ll need to find a path to Krannus’ cranium. Once you have the high ground, you can then deliver a mighty blow to the God’s brain. Three hits should be enough to finally kill Krannus.

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