Meet Belenos (Wicker)


Bow before Belenos; God of Wicker and the summer harvest!

The Wicker God, known as Belenos, is a massive moth-like deity of the sun and its subsequent bounties. Long have humans harvested crops grown from his light, and now it’s time to repay the favor. You reap what you sow, after all.

Belenos is fixated on festivities and worship, and for this guy, “too much of a good thing” just doesn’t exist. He has acquired a horde of vassals for his own amusement, as well as protection, filling his dungeons with those who failed to worship him appropriately. His Wicker realm hosts endless festivals, burning and sacrifice in his honor, with its inhabitants trapped in an endless cycle of praise and pain. Now it’s up to you to break his circle of suffering!

Taking on Belenos won’t be easy. Your brave warriors will have to travel down the mountains, crossing settlements filled with giant Wicker Men and hostile creatures, not to mention his loyal vassals. His ghastly servants will likely annihilate you on your first, second, possibly even third attempt, and you won’t reach Belenos without slashing your way through them first.

Like with all Gods, the key to defeating this mighty mothball is to plan ahead. Make sure you’ve collected as many items as you can find, and pace yourself. You don't want to run out of vigor once you’re out of the realm. Insufficient planning and poor vassal-related decisions will cost you.

The Wicker God waits at the center, surrounded by fields of burning wheat. You’ll need to keep a cool head to put an end to his ego trip once and for all. Start by dodging his swipe attacks, and avoid being hammered by his walking stick. When Belenos takes flight, he’ll be hot on your heels as you try to keep up with his immense speed. Finally, beware of Belenos’ Radiant Light attack and remember to stick to the shadows when he unleashes the blast. He’ll be vulnerable for a few seconds afterwards, so that’s your opportunity to punish Belenos until he truly feels the burn!

Gods Will Fall is available to pre-order now. Show Belenos who’s boss!


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